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We design and build iOS, Android for both startups and established businesses. You’ve got the vision. Now you need an expert partner focusing on delivering values to your business and users.

  • We develop mobile apps from idea stage
  • Scale existing apps to another level
  • Porting & Replicate app experience for a second platform
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Our taste on Mobile Development

The mobile app is a frontend for the business to communicate with customers. Mobile users tend to stick to the application that brings better experience.

We’ve been working on mobile applications since 2013 and grokking on how each approach works underlying, thus we always recommend our clients to go with native app development.
Native apps are applications that are written in languages specific to the operating systems that they are developed for - primarily.

We also help architect and build mobile apps on different platforms with native technology, follow by modern design guideline. When an app closely follows the guidelines for popular platforms, users could quickly adapt and become familiar in using it.

Native platforms we’ve been work on:

  • iOS/iPadOS with Swift & Objective-C
  • WatchOS
  • Android with Kotlin & Java

Deliver the best UX to end users

UX/UI is unified within a given platform, so it is already well known by users. The UX patterns recur in other native apps, so people will intuitively know how to move around in your app as well. User experience is also much better because the higher performance allows everything to run smoothly.

It is also easier for the creators to follow the imposed standards when designing and developing an app.

Simply put, creating native applications supports good UI/UX patterns for a given platform. In addition, you can develop platform-specific features directly within a native app, like integration with Google Pay or Siri.


Each mobile platform is supported by the giant behind them. It means that they are definitely much more stable in terms of both maintenance and development.

Access to hardware features

Native applications can take full advantage of all the hardware features of a mobile device. Moreover, their implementation is quick and easy thanks to the exclusive APIs offered by the Google and Apple operating systems.

Our Practices

  • Data API integration
  • Clean architecture
  • Mobile CI/CD with Bitrise and Git
  • Different environment for specific purpose
  • Realtime Notification
  • Automation testing
  • App Store distribution
  • Mobile app usage monitoring and tracking

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