Developing and integrating a new ride-hailing management platform for enterprises

Ride-hailing service
Business Context
Tight schedule and limited resources of skilled Golang developers
A skilled team to take care of the whole development process of beCorp
MVP released on time helped Be to become the first local ride-hailing service provider
Our Service
Staff Augmentation / Managed Team

beGroup, also known as be, is a Vietnam ride-hailing app that delivers quality transport services. Developed by BE GROUP Company Ltd, be focuses on 4 kinds of transport services: beBike (bike-hailing service), beCar (car-hailing service), beDelivery (delivery service) and beRental (car rental service). be can be easily recognized due to its signature yellow color, imprints on the driver's jacket, the accompanied helmet, and even the app itself.

Aiming to compete with the big names in the industry, it is significant for be to perfect their services, i.e., become the top-of-mind name when it comes to Vietnamese ride-hailing apps. That means to provide all services of ride-hailing, appear in any possible form of vehicle. Getting the early funding for over 40M US dollar, beGroup was eager to roll out all 4 products by the end of 2018, which means there were only 6 months before the debut.


beCorporate is a vision of beGroup that tailored for enterprises to manage and optimize in-house business transports for employee. The product can be used as a ride-hailing service for employee to register, schedule and book vehicle for business transports via beApp, either as a group or as an individual.


At that time, be Engineering team was overwhelmed with the release of their ride-hailing app - Be, the initial launch gained a lot of traction and traffics which in turn drives the development team to their most busiest stage.

Meanwhile, their timeline to release beCorporate couldn't change due to planned business roadmap that is critical for the young startup to step into the game. Back in 2018, it was challenge to build an in-house team of experienced Golang developers while the local community was still small and young. Dwarves Foundation on the other hand was one of the first teams in Vietnam that leverage Golang as the strategic language to help startups and companies on their way to success.

The Dwarves stepped in with a team of 6 to take on the whole development stage of beCorporate, enlarging current 10 people team of be to a workforce of 16 people, working collaboratively to supercharge product development.


With the clear target ahead, Dwarves quickly identify what is the end result should be by sketching up the ideal architecture of beCorp in two perspectives: as a stand-alone system and as a "service" within be's cloud ecosystem that integrates with their API gateway and monitoring infrastructure.

The stand alone architecture is necessary for Dwarves to propose our approach to modern enterprise solutions without compromising stability and reliable. On the other hand, the ecosystem architecture ensuring everyone to aware how would beCorp fit into the big picture of be's existing infrastructure. This allows the team know exactly what interfaces are needed to be implemented to comply with current system and various integrations.


Having the architecture confirmed, the Dwarves quickly develop a "dummy" version of beCorp (that follows Be's cloud interface) to verify the required integration between beCorp and various services inside Be's infrastructure. With everything in place and verified (logging, monitoring, crash reporting and automated CI pipeline) we begin development sprint with bi-weekly release iteration.

Beyond our Scrum sprint planning sessions with Be's team, Dwarves also propose about holding technical knowledge sharing sessions - which further improve our understanding about Be's corporate cloud and at the same time Dwarves could effectively debate the technical decisions we've planned to apply to BeCorp.


Moving forward, together with Be team, we managed to release the first MVP in the next 3 months. By offering competitive promotions, professional service quality backed by a solid tech-driven foundation and engineering culture, beCorporate is expected to become the strategic partner for enterprises - bringing a seamless, future-proof solution to business transportation.

The collaboration brought great impacts for our partnership. As a result beCorporate has made its way to the market and created significant achievements, which enables be to lay its name on the map of transportation industry in Vietnam.

Technical wise, engineering quality and seamless collaboration process are not the only things the Dwarves brought to the table. be were able to speed up their working pace and keep on improving it without being tied down. The augmentation allows be to cut off and reduce their recruitment and training cost, to fully invest in product development and maintaining current resources, marketing strategy and branding activities.