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Successful outcomes we are proud to be a part of

By involving in early development stage, we have actively contributed to many core functionalities of Attrace’s blockchain network. Notably such as achieving pBFT for the consensus protocol, building a Network connector (for consumers to interact with Attrace’s blockchain network) and a dashboard to manage campaigns.

Sajari provides real-time searching as-a-service and is trusted by large businesses worldwide. Partnering with Dwarves helps Sajari to enhance their development team to refactor their Console dashboard app, improving quality of open-source packages as well as tailoring brand UI for plugin consumers.

Base is the first-ever software built exclusively for executive assistants. They engaged with Dwarves to develop various new modules and features. We also helped to refactor the old frontend architecture of the user-front app. Our work helped Base to catchup their release roadmap as well as ensuring software quality of the product.

Para is a platform connecting hospitals with medical professionals. Para saw the demand for its product peak when Covid-19 hit severely. Through our Covid-19 program we partnered and helped unburden Para from the financial stress during the early stage of their MVP development.

Continuing with Go microservices, we have shipped numerous features, markedly workshift management and candidate screening. Allowing Para to speed up their process to focus on user acquisition and growth.

Mudah remains one of our longest, tried-and-true collaborations. We have continuously worked with Mudah on various scopes of work and committed different engagement models. Recently, we took care of the migration from the legacy PHP system to microservices in Go.

We also collaborated with Mudah’s engineers to re-build the mobile website in React while optimizing page load performance as well as SEO.

We developed the new Premium app from scratch together with their Backend team using React, Redux and TailwindCSS. The app supports dark/light theme switching, data caching and retrying failed api calls. We also architected a solid frontend foundation so that new features can be implemented easily, allowing Tokenomy to stay on track with their release timeline.

Pie Mapping is a Fleet Management platform for enterprises. As a team of 6 Backend engineers, we work directly with their team in the UK - including the CTO, Frontend team and Product team. Working with existing Go microservices, we improved slow api calls by optimizing SQL queries and fixed wrong abstractions. We also rewrote the Search module and integrated it with ElasticSearch.

We provide consulting and offshore development service (ODC) to help Reapit Cloud team build and release App Marketplace as a Progressive Web App. We also actively contribute to Reapit’s open-source packages such as Reapit Elements and built several small functional apps like GeoDiary, Lifetime Legal, AML Checklist to enrich the marketplace.

We helped build Voconic - a cloud platform as-a-service for CJC’s clients, aiming to make cloud deployment seamless across cloud providers and environments. Backend, Frontend and CLI tools are built from scratch by a team of 3 engineers specialized in Cloud development. The Backend is written in Go and is integrated with Google Cloud Platform to achieve “1-click deployment” experience.

Talentnet is a veteran and the only company in Vietnam that provides end to end HR solutions to companies of all sizes. We collaborated closely with Talentnet team to design a multi-functional platform and to bring a pleasant-to-use experience to a diverse range of users. The platform is now being used on a daily basis by employees of 300+ companies in Vietnam.

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