How to know if our idea could hit the market in the early day?

In this stage, we want to bring founders up to speed with problem-solution fit and formalize key metrics for future business. We help founders to start putting together a financial model to fully understand the revenue stream following each solution.

With all the effort we put in from validation and business modeling, we can synthesize a wire-frame from the relevant data points so founder can start fund raising.

Recommended forEarly-stage Founder with a problem-solution hypothesis and wants to raise capital before commit to build.

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How it works

Intensive series of hands-on workshop on various practical topics: Problem-Solution Fit, Business Model, Financial Model, Branding and Product Strategy.

We will conduct User Testing and Research together with founders for better understanding the customers and stakeholders.

  • Financial model with key metrics to build early funnel
  • Product Strategy, User-Experience and Competition Research
  • Create a Landing Page for early users adoption and keep on testing
  • Formalize Marketing Message and Sale Scripts
  • Low fidelity wireframe
  • Reduce time-to-market

    Get your product concept to your users within weeks, not months, and start gathering feedback.

  • Increase accountability

    The Product Manager will ensure you stay focused, on-track, and unbiased throughout.

  • Lower cost of delivery

    Save thousands by gathering all the information you need before you begin building your Prototype.

What you get

  • Set up business, financial model and key metrics
  • Getting idea validated: Testing the hypothesis before committing to Product Development
  • Early traction and the first batch of early adopters
  • Wire-frame to raise early stage capital
  • Validation Framework

    Design a landing page, test your value proposition, and begin building a database of early adopters.

  • Customer acquisition

    Craft your message, define your audience, and identify your optimum channels for growth.

  • Product Strategy

    Outline your strategic vision and target a subset of your audience using our guided framework.

How we helped our clients

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What’s next: MVP Development