Spark and kick-off your innovation ideas

We bring your ambitious, nurtured ideas our of the fog and help turning it into reality. This is the recommended solution for first-time founders with a problem to solve and a cold head to follow it through.

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What it looks like

Ideas, like many people say “a dime a dozen” are a good start for any entrepreneurs. However, how to transform an idea into a solution or what we’d like to call “hypothesis” is not simple.

We walk entrepreneur through many practical workshops to fully understand the idea from a bird-view with all the bits and pieces that involve around it. From there, we synthesize them into problem-solution hypothesis so we can go out and test it.

How it works

  • We sit down with founders and walk them through a series of Idea Validation Workshop.
  • We introduce founders to our network so he/she can get more exposure to find team members, advisers.
  • We help with presentation skill to ensure the story-telling is clear.
  • Series of practical workshop on idea validation

  • Weekly session to follow up on progress and mentorship

  • Community event to speed up the learning on shaping up your ideas

  • Drafting a Pitch Deck for you to communicate your idea clear and easy

What you get

  • Understand your idea holistically
  • Develop your idea into a problem-solution hypothesis
  • Help you communicate your hypothesis with pitch-deck and presentation

What’s next: Validation

Let’s spark your ideas

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