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We have been working with dozens of startups and also invested to a few. Bootstrapping a new venture is hard but fortunately we know the game–that’s why we’re here to help.

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Technological Startups

There is a tendency to establish technological startups, especially in developed countries and small tech hubs. Product quality plays an essential role in the success of start-ups, thus product success greatly depends on the quality of the product engineering team.

Unfortunately, building an experienced engineering team has always been a big challenge for any start-ups, because:

Financial burden

With tight finance, it’s hard for founders to recruit qualified engineers.

Skilled engineer

Skilled engineers are at a shortage over the world, while so many companies desire them.

Non-tech founders

When it comes to non-technical background founders, they have no experience in building a quality product. Rebuilding many times will make the financial status exhausted or occupying the market slower.

How it works

We walk startups and founders out of the fog, through stages which are hard to get right all alone.

  • Ideate

    We bring your ambitious, nurtured ideas our of the fog and help turning it into reality.

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  • Validation

    We help founders to start putting together a financial model to fully understand the revenue stream.

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  • MVP

    Begin setting up business operations and product development at the minimal level.

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  • Scale Up

    We provide fully dedicated and cost-efficient solution to scale the development teams.

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What you get

De-risk & Get to market fast

We walk entrepreneur through many practical workshops to fully understand the idea from a bird-view with all the bits and pieces that involve around it.

Validation Framework

Applying the Lean Startup methodology, the startup will get to know about the product strategy, marketing funnel, customer discovery, early traction & adopter, operation setup and financial model.

Keep cost under control

We utilize lean and agile techniques to ensure we get your business to market as efficiently as possible. Time-efficient while ensure the result delivery.

Right from beginning

It’s better to set everything right from the start. The right team, tools, and tests for the job. Robust, scalable codebase and slick design for a superior user experience.

Ready to scale

Business needs change over time so why can’t your workforce? Scale the number of developers up or down to suit your current needs without compromising your long term goals or success.

Getting started

Time to learn more about you and your idea. We’ll set up a call to find out whether we’re suited to work together moving forward.