Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center (ODC) model allows our clients to truly operate the team as a natural extension of their own, gain more visibility and control over costs through establishing their own processes and discussions.

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Save cost, move faster

Clients who favor our ODC service enjoy their own precious time focusing on business and product matters instead of getting lost in the chaos of building and operating a local development team.

Our offshore team is specialize in remote working and agile methodology, which means clients have full control, visibility and collaboration over team performance, progress and timeline.

Extra values

Besides from providing all the logistical planning needed to establish the client’s global presence, we also providing these basic required services for establishing an Offshore Development Center:

  • Office space / Facilities
  • Corporate registration / Legal creation
  • Hiring and Training
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Project methodologies
  • Knowledge capture planning
  • Coordination between geographies

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