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Go (or Golang) is a relatively new and growing programming language, it offers a simple, consistent and efficient programming style with high performance and scalability. Today Go is one of the best possible options to build cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud-Native language

Go was described as the emerging language of crowd infrastructure in 2014. By 2017, every big cloud company starts to implement critical parts of their infrastructure in Go. These include AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, Digital Ocean, and a number of other big players.

Simple & Effective

Go’s programming syntax is quite simple and easy to learn. To be specific, C++ has more than 70 basic keywords, whereas Go has 25 keywords.

Go also utilizes strong concurrency primitives, a well-developed standard library that offers robust network tools, and a fast compiler. As a result, it is the core of many open infrastructures such as Docker, Kubernetes, Etcd, Consul, Istio and a large amount of others.

Go at Dwarves

Dwarves are Go experts as we adopted Go on our day one. From the experience of building dozens of apps with Go, we’ve learnt that it works extremely well for building specific, single-purpose types of apps—such as a download server, metrics collector or a network gateway.

With all the great benefits, we are excited and passionate about the future Go can provide to our clients. As of today, organizations, including our current clients are increasingly moving towards Go when they need cloud infrastructure solutions.

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