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“Body Leasing” or “Staff Augmentation” is the use of offshore resources to supercharge and support a currently running business.

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Your team, supercharged

We’ve spent 5 years building great softwares—for ourselves, clients and the industry. Along the way, we’ve learnt valuable insights from digital products and businesses, which enables us to bring in engineers who are experienced in your business domain, technical stack and collaborative framework.

A good team member isn’t the one who works the hardest, but is the one who understands your end goal, fills in the gaps you’ve missed out and plays well with your current team.

Engagement methods

Depends on your project’s scope of work, requirements and expectations, we provide 3 different types of engagement methods that are Full-scale team, Dedicated team and Specialist. All three models ensure transparency during the development process.

Full-scale team

This is one of our most frequently used engagement model, in which we are the technology partner. As a technology partner, we provide a wide range of responsibilities, from designing to evaluate the impacts of the product with the clients.

This model works with project which has clear business vision, and a defined timeframe & budget. In this case, we will determine the whole scope of work and requirements to deliver the product within a strict timeline.

Dedicated team

A perfect solution for projects that can’t define the timeline, budget, and entire scope in the beginning; but have a high level vision of the product. This model also works well when our clients have their own team on-site for our specialists to work alongside.

We ensure that our clients will have a team that can instantly respond to new changes and effectively adapt to new requirements without having to constantly re-estimating the whole project.


Suitable for clients who want to extend or strengthen their team structure with key specialists. These specialists will work on your projects for a specified period of time. This model works best for teams that already has their own leaders or CTOs and want to manage the development work themselves.

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