Corporate Social Responsibility

The Dwarves give back as a team and individual

We have been a part of local community where we operate.

Social Impact

Given the network we have built through years, we bridge the gap between technical experts and IT students to work together on building tech solutions for social causes.

This enables social causes’s owners to focus more on their work, technical veterans can utilize their valuable mentorship on students who prefer to gain practical experience and social awareness.

logo of Salt Cancer Initiative

Salt Cancer Initiative

Salt Cancer Initiative (SCI) is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing information, education, training, and emotional support for cancer patients in Vietnam. Founded by Thuy Thanh Truong, a former cancer patient who has been 3 times honored for her influence and inspiration for the youth community. As a person who has gone through the hard times facing cancer, Thuy understands how struggling and fearful it was not to approach a reliable source of cancer information. And she decided to do something about it.

We help bring the resolution using tech. In an era where electrical device and the influence of social media is really a thing, we can’t help but dive in and leverage it to amend social problem in a better approachable way.

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and we will come up with a suitable solution.

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Golang Community

The Dwarves helped to found and organise Golang Community in Vietnam since 2015 and be part of it till today. We are a group of members working in different places. We love and use Go for building open source projects.

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Golang VN conference
WeBuild community meetup
WeBuild Community

2018 is a remarkable year when 1 of our founding member decided to found and contribute to WeBuild Community.
WeBuild is a non-profit community that focuses on raising the quality bar of engineers in Vietnam.

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Techie Story website
Techie Story

Created in the early of 2020, Techie Story is a community project where we set our foot in the hidden aspect of the tech world, one story at a time. We seek for people behind the stage, listen to their stories and make sure they can be proud of what they contributed. The transcript will later be fine-tuned and display on

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Open Source Software

Empowering Future by promoting and contributing to Open Source Software. At Dwarves Foundation, we believe that Open Source Software is good for everyone. By being open, they empower the development of technology and help businesses to deliver innovative ideas with no boundaries.

We are engineers and techies. Through the years in the industry, we get to build our projects using thousand of libraries and open-source software. Now it’s time to give back.


Dwarves Fund

In 2018, we started Dwarves Fund 1 as a dedicated venture fund. Come with Product and Technology R&D capability, Dwarves commits on delivering a scalable and sustainable business. We make angel-size investment into early stage startups, makers and hustlers who are building next generation tools and digital products for netizen.

Usually the early stage startups need to spend from 12 - 24 months to reach product-fit stage. As we have worked and invested into dozen of startups, been there done that, the pattern is there, technology is there. We could help the bootstrappers to shorten to 9 - 12 months and quickly get to series A.

Empowering People

At Dwarves Foundation, we strive to create a respectful, rewarding, diverse, and inclusive work environment.

By empowering our members to discover and create inspiring products, we entrust them to bring those achievements to help others accomplish more.

Have the same DNA and want to build world-class products with superb team?

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