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The COVID-19 has upended every aspect of the world, causing massive havoc to many businesses. We believe it’s crucial to stand together and turn challenges into opportunities during this crisis – hard time makes good men.

We’re humbled to support those affected by the pandemic and save potentially great products from withering in this difficult time. Our Covid-19 Relief Resolution provides every pillar you need to find new growths amidst chaos.

Covid-19 Relief Resolution

Utilize resources & Set priorities

We focus on you navigating through and moving forward Covid-19. It starts with assembling a practical growth strategy where we address restraints, utilize resources, build the right thing and get back up as fast as possible.

Discover new growths

Post COVID-19, things will eventually move and happen on the internet. Digital transformation leads to new verticals for growth. Our end-to-end service suite fuels your digital transformation process with suitable, advanced technology.

Build for future-ready, and build fast

Don’t let another crisis wreck you again. Embrace agility, use agile principles to maneuver the range of uncertainties. We help bring agile into your business, development-wise and oganization-wise. You will always be prepared to respond and revolve.

Navigate through the crisis

We have worked with dozens of startups and curated a wide network of industry experts to guide founders. If you're struggling to find the next move for your business, our advisors can lend a helping hand.

Resume your product development

Continue building your product by adding on-demand engineers to your team without having to relocate. We offer flexible staff augmentation in accordance with your needs and budgets.

New management innovations

New work methods require new gears. We help ease out the transition by introducing and training your team on the new processes, new tools, and be there for the troubleshooting.

Financial assistance

An ally in times of crisis is always a blessing. We have various plans to help startups and businesses overcome the short-in-cash period, while you can reserve the focus on core business features.

Get funded by us

We do leave a space for fresh ideas, we often invest in startups we love. More than just a tech team, we roll up our sleeves and hustle with you. We’ll move onward and upward as one team.

If your business is a package of brilliant ideas and growth potentials, it shouldn’t have to wither away because of the economic slump.

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