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Our vision is to build Dwarves Foundation one of the top software innovation firms that make impacts to the modern world.


Dwarves are the small and misshapen creatures. They are wisdom, natural good at crafting and well known for being the best blacksmiths throughout the nine worlds.

The dwarf is an example of a creature who has the ability that surpasses the known world, presaging the rise of a universe beyond this physical realm.

Aspiring to create a positive breakthrough that can be able to rewrite the new world, we chose the name Dwarves Foundation as the commitment to the vision that we follow.

The Core Values

Our core values guide our strategies and individual actions so that we create a company whose character is as radical as our work.


We work toward perfection in every single piece that we produce. We are proud of the well-crafted software that we develop together.


Teamwork is all about trust and collaboration. Having someone in the team mean we can rely on this person.


We think long-term. We believe in working sustainably and balanced so that we are a happy bunch of sane workers.
Our woodland is a sum of great technology, engineering culture, and smart people. The numbers speak it for themselves.
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From our founder

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Xin chào,
from Dwarves Foundation
Innovation happens. There are many startups found and raise fund every day. They focus on making significant positive changes, impact millions of people, lead to breakthroughs and support the foundation of economic growth.

Building an innovation startup requires lots of different things, and it is tough. Most of them have to deal with business development, legal, fundraising, team recruitment, and product development at the same time. Tech startups need to move fast and break things.

At some points, growing a startup needs a strong and experienced team behind. The software team that can help to design the system, design the database, produce the well-crafted software, keep the system stable, avoid the technical debt and deliver values is one of the critical pieces to solve the puzzle.

Another motivation for Dwarves Foundation was the lack of respect that service firms receive. Most software companies out there focus on digital transformation and consultancy. The nature of the business with a tight deadline and budget force them to do tricks. They hit and run. The codebase and software they produced are full of crap, and it damages our pride.

This is where Dwarves Foundation comes in. Despite the fact that service firms scale linearly, their ultimate size is capped and small, they don’t have life-changing exits for their founders, we start Dwarves Foundation as we want to build things right.

This is what we do here. It takes many forms, and we’re always working towards better software craftsmanship.

- Han Ngo, Founder & CEO

Where we’re going

We are building an organization with high standard software practices and business growth capabilities, helping tech companies, startups, entrepreneurs and makers deliver their innovative software product since 2013.
  • Utilise emerging technologies for the services of tomorrow, organising your IT around it.
  • Software Development
  • Continuous Delivery & Agile Practices
  • AI, Machine Learning & Data Science
  • Cloud / Big Data / BI
  • We create meaningful digital products & services by putting the user in the center point of all activities.
  • Digital Product Design
  • Service Design
  • Experience Design
  • Product Management
  • Identify, invest, drive and realise new business opportunities.
  • Pre-seed Investment
  • Corporate Development
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Value Proposition & Customer Fit
  • Lean Business Case Modeling

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