We pursue a better engineering standard

and it comes up with world-class quality products across all platforms. Good wine needs no bush.


We offer a technical partnership

That takes over their whole systems and applications from development, operation to maintenance stages.

Our woodland is the trustworthy place backed by talented, ambitious and technology-heavy workforce with years of experience, which is a first place coming in mind of founders who want to scale up their engineering capabilities.

Dental Marketplace

Dental Marketplace was born to help dental professionals find “Continuing Dental Education” (CDE) events and career opportunities.

  • Register CDE events
  • Find CDE Events
  • Posting Suppliers or Labs
  • Notification
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We build a wide network

It is the outcome of continuously building a wide network of trust between founders and talents.

Our woodland is the trustworthy bridge for the founders who want to connect with talented developers in Asia.


A productive shipping software built for speed and reliability

We also empower innovations by contributing to
Open Source Software

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We build products.
We back startups.

Our woodland is the trustworthy place where lots of ideas are validated, incubated, developed, iterated until product-market fit simultaneously and for successful ones, we turn them into new businesses.
The formula repeats on its own.

We are powered by capital and support from Dwarves Ventures, a ventures firm that focus to invest in Internet Product companies.

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