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Reaching Solution-Product fit

Founders who already have a business model and early traction are expected to have capital-ready to begin setting up business operations and product development at the minimal level.

Recommended forThis stage will require founders to spend a lot of time to strategize for internal (operation) and external (go-to-market).

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How it works

  • We act as your technical co-founder until you’re ready to take roles in-house.
  • We completely de-risk the proposition for you and investors, as there is no commitment to employment contracts.
  • We form a team working with founders as an extensive execution team for Product/Dev/Design
  • We cover a whole software development lifecycle, from system design, software design, development and quality assurance.
  • We set goals and strategy and usual check-in for progress and iteration.
  • We bring in experts to help with know-how knowledge from unfamiliar domains like business & operation structure, BI & metric guidance and everything related to building a sustainable company.

What you’ll get

  • Throughout User Testing: A clear Strategy on Product and Tech Development.
  • Dedicated Tech and Design Team: Effective Product team to focus solely on the project.
  • Scalable codebase and well-crafted MVP.

Right from beginning

The right team, tools, and tests for the job. You will be paired with a small team of experts to combine robust code and slick design for a superior user experience.

Get to market fast

We utilize lean and agile techniques to ensure we get your business to market as efficiently as possible. Time-efficient while ensuring the result delivery.

Flexible approaches

Because we are immersed in your business with you, we can help suggest team changes to respond to market feedback or changing circumstances. Startups with low fixed overheads and the correct team have a much higher chance of success.

Velocity tracking

By making an iteration budget and measure our progress, we are able to produce an increasingly accurate estimate of the project’s completion time with the Founder.

Let’s build your MVP

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