Build solid web front-end with React

React and JSX has became an industry-standard environment for frontend development. With React we can rapidly build reusable components and building blocks for complex web applications.

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TypeScript x React

TypeScript and its types system enabled us to use highly-productive development tools and practices like static checking and code refactoring. Combined with React, we get the benefits of a statically typed language for the UI - more safety and fewer bugs shipping to the frontend.

At Dwarves, we believe TypeScript is the way to go when writing a modern web or JavaScript-based application.

What we learnt while building with React

Infinite Image Gallery with R3F - An approach

I built an infinite image gallery built with r3f. This is how I solved the two core problems: building an infinite image grid and handling related mouse events.

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Different ways to test React Application

Tests make your code with more confident. Here is the Unit test using component react-testing-library, react-testing-hook-library and Cypress

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Split and reuse code in React Application

Simple code reuse with React Hooks and High Order Component. The way I solved repetitive pieces of code in the react application

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