Testing materials

Test Plan

Make sure these items included in your test plan:

  • The components and functions to be tested.
  • The components and functions NOT to be tested.
  • The risks of the project that might impact the test plan.
  • Resource planning and responsibilities.
  • External testing team \(For example: UAT\).
  • Communication method.

Test Suite/ Test Case

Test case should includes those information:
| Name | Pre-condition | Test Steps | Expected Result | Requirement Ref |
| Brief about TC | Pre-condition steps before executing TC | Test Case Steps | Expected result for the step | User Story # or requirement specification |
| Ex: Login successfully with google | User is at login page (https://staging.fort.d.foundation/login) | Hit Login with Google button | Login successfully | User Story 001 |


Defect/issue template that we should use: Issue Template

Test closure checklist

  • 100% Test Scripts executed.
  • 95% pass rate of Test Scripts
  • No open Critical and High severity defects
  • 95% of Medium severity defects have been closed
  • All remaining defects are either cancelled or documented as Change Requests for a future release
  • All expected and actual results are captured and documented with the test script.
  • All test metrics collected based on reports from defect racking system.
  • All defects logged in defect tracking system (Jira, Trello, …)
  • Test Closure Memo completed and signed off

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