Pitch Deck Design

Startups use pitch decks to present their business to the public, engage potential investors or partners into their story, and hopefully leading to an investment (or at least a followup).

We don’t design so that we can make things look pretty. We aim to be helpful and create values for our clients. We must see a pitch deck as a compelling storytelling tool, rather than a couple of presentation slides. And if our startup client doesn’t have that mindset yet, it’s part of our job to advise them.

Do tell our clients (and keep in mind when we design) that a pitch deck’s primary purpose is to visualize a story, a vision and build excitement for investors about it.

We should always keep a pitch deck short, critical, and consistent with the overall brand image of our startup client. Building blocks of a pitch deck should include at least the following:

✦ Vision and value proposition
✦ The problem
✦ Target market and opportunity
✦ The solution
✦ Revenue model
✦ Business model
✦ Traction
✦ Growth roadmap
✦ Founding team
✦ Financials
✦ Investments and use of funds

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