Bad Hire

Cost of bad hire

Impact on the rest of the team Impact on customers Time spent on performance management * The manager’s reputation The cost of turnover

Signs that we made a bad hire

They don’t have the skills you expected A bad attitude from the outset A general lack of understanding about the role Being late or taking a lot of unexpected time off Asking question, after question, after question Making endless complaints Self importance or arrogance Making the same mistakes again and again Repetitive referring to their ‘old job’ Keeping you up at night Not willing to adapt to change Not delivering

How to Deal With a Bad Hire

There are essentially two ways you can deal with a bad hire. Give them a chance The best one to start with is discussing the problems with the employee. Make it clear that you take these issues seriously, but also work with them on a plan to improve their performance. Performance Improvement Plan Values Improvement Plan Letting them go Fire quickly

Bad hires: How to learn from mistakes

Document what went wrong and make sure that the hiring process in the future includes reviewing these points:

  • Be clear about your company’s values and culture. It’s hard to evaluate a prospect if you’re not clear about what makes your company tick, makes it successful, and the type of people who thrive there.
  • Involve some of the people the applicant will be working with in the hiring process. Get the applicant’s resume to them ahead of time, so that they can formulate some questions.
  • For technical positions, get your experts involved in the hiring process and ask specific, technical questions to determine their level of expertise.
  • Ask the applicant what they know about your company and why they want to work there. Listen carefully to what they say.
  • How diligent were you in checking out their references? Did you do any reference checking beyond the references they gave you? Did you check them out on social media sites like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter?

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