Using correct HTML element to increase Website Accessibility

A short description on Website Accessibility and how to successfully apply the correct HTML to level it up

Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility is a term for approaching a website of which the potential user are people with disabilities (eye disorders or illiterate). This audience type can’t be able to approach a visualize website. They must depend on keyboard or Screen Reader supporting tool instead.

Website Accessibility is also a factor to evaluate the website quality of Google Lighthouse. Developers can enhance the accessibility of a website by categorizing the current elements, as long as the reader system can identify and have those elements delivered to readers.

Why we need to use the correct HTML

For example, a control button to play a video on your site could be marked up like this:

<div>Play video</div>

But as you'll see in greater detail later on, it makes sense to use the correct element for the job:

<button>Play video</button>

Not only do HTML <button>s have some suitable styling applied by default (which you will probably want to override), they also have built-in keyboard accessibility — users can navigate between buttons using the Tab key and activate their selection using Return or Enter.

Semantic HTML doesn't take any longer to write than non-semantic (bad) markup if you do it consistently from the start of your project. Even better, semantic markup has other benefits beyond accessibility:

  1. Easier to develop with — as mentioned above, you get some functionality for free, plus it is arguably easier to understand.
  2. Better on mobile — semantic HTML is arguably lighter in file size than non-semantic spaghetti code, and easier to make responsive.
  3. Good for SEO — search engines give more importance to keywords inside headings, links, etc. than keywords included in non-semantic <div>s, etc., so your documents will be more findable by customers.
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