It’s about being straightforward in every issue, as it's everyone's mission to keep the team moving.

How much do you know about this woodland?

→ is the question we all get during the first interview. Sure, if you're lucky enough to nail the final offer; you're likely to get a better chance on gradually discovering the company's essential information.

But then what?

You step on the project.

You get swiped away in work.

You check up the daily to-do.

You have no idea what's happening in other places. Teammate. Departments. Or even the company. And this is why information transparency is a real thing.

It's the process of being upfront about various company operations, on the ups & downs. It’s about being straightforward in every issue, as it's everyone's mission to keep the team moving forward.

Validate the Possibility

Publishing our ideas & work progress gives others a chance to verify the feasibility of your work, when we open yourself up to more feedback. Say, once a new idea is incubated, sharing it out loud and receive their comment is way better than asking them directly, one ping at a time.

It keeps us away from pursuing things that don't align with the team vision. But if it does, let's just say we might have some pairs of hand to use.

Open-source the News

Other than keeping things posted, being transparent on what you're applying for the work and life can also benefit others. Trying out a new time-management trick (or a new work-from-home outfit). Adopting a language (or a dog); Discovering a new knowledge hub (or a destination for traveling).

Before you even notice, this whole thing became a mini R&D unit for the latest trend, in many ways.

Avoid the Roadblocks

Continually communicating with other teams about your plan, when and how it will affect their daily work, prevent the roadblocks and keep people sane.

Drive toward Achievements

Being transparent about your success doesn't make you seem cocky. In fact, it drives a contagious sense of "create something works". Put it in, your challenge, your stress and how you managed to conquer it.

In smaller layers, information transparency reveals

  • A higher level of trust in management
  • Open and honest communication between teammates
  • A rationale behind the decision from the board
  • A comfortability to voice opinions and ask questions, which could yield valuable input

When we believe our ideas matters, despite which level we are; it's easier to feel obligated, and inspired, and immerse ourselves in the bigger picture. It happens by performing closer as a whole company, and no one stays outside of the loop.

Because we know how and what we do to impact that success.

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