The Dwarves runs by ideas

Other than productivity, we aim for collaborative.

Minimal human intervention

Our operations runs on four branches: Account for client happiness arrangement - EngineerOps for resource allocation - HR for recruitment and employee experience, & Communication for info transmission across the platforms.

It's a bit different from other operations flows out there. But we do it on purpose.

We figure a small team is easier to share perspectives, update on what's happening and discuss different work aspects. Besides better communication, working cross functional creates a higher chance to understand the whole operation flow.

Fewer committee lets us run things in a startup model. Draft a plan. Execute the todos. Fail fast. Learn. Do it again and do it better. Other than productivity, we aim for collaborative.

We run by the right ideas

We're heading for a place everyone loves to work in. A forge of superb ideas and how to make it real, on their way to discover what they're capable of. We address the obstacle, consider our capability, and roll out the products as a resolution.

Every team needs a motto to pursue. We're no exception. Distributing the tech know-how and utilize it for positive change is what moves us closer to the future.

Possessing the same idea allows us to see things on the same wavelength. When mundane hierarchy neglects information flow and creates difficulties for decision making, the right idea filters and aligns the frequently touch-base. That means ideas come from everyone, regardless the level of expertise.

Idea is the new base

It should be on point. It either solves a problem or optimize a potential workflow. Mostly it comes from an issue we must face daily that gradually turns into a pain in the ass.

Idea shouldn't be bullshit. In other words, pointless ideas waste people's time and reduce your reliability when it comes to brainstorm.

Idea connects all the dots into one. Hence, those who carry the best idea gets to call the shot, whether they are a 1-month intern or a 3-year manager. If you don't have new ideas to add, why are you here?

We’d love to work with you.

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