SDK & Event Sourcing

One of our recent Tech101 lessons, where we raise up questions on different tech topics and discuss with examples

Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK stands for Software Development Kit: the tools and software to develop application through a specific platform. SDK provides libraries, document, templates, code sample, debugging, supportive documentation or additional document for developers to integrate into their software/ application. SDK can also be a combination of many APIs under the form of libraries to interact with the operating system.

Let's take a cellphone for an example. Every cellphone has an operating system with programmed API, and many underlying connected libraries. A kit of APIs that can be used for different hardwares with the same operating system.

Function of SDK

  • Interact with hardware
  • Interact with files
  • Manage cookies

Event Sourcing

Event Sourcing is a term for an architecture that is designed for interaction/ communication between app A and app B. Event Sourcing acts as a message-oriented middleware where data is stored and sorted on prioritized order, and ready to be called out for communication purpose between parties.

Consider Event Sourcing as a mailbox to store the data for communication.

  • event: stands for data
  • sourcing: where the data comes from

Example: TIKI

Tiki is a marketplace for good tradings. Let's say TIKI has 3 types of parties


  • Time of order
  • Time of invoice


  • Stock status
  • Time of import/ export


  • Delivery status
  • Goods returning

The data between parties has a connection with each other, and it needs interaction to smooth the process of goods handling and delivery. Different types of data (events) from different parties (source) will need a system to filter and organize it with prioritized order to make sure the communication goes smoothly, that's what Event Sourcing is all about. __

React Hook

Hooks are functions that let you “hook into” React state and lifecycle features from function

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