Salt Cancer Initiative x Dwarves Foundation

Dwarves Foundation gladly to work with Salt Cancer Initiative in creating a supportive community for cancer patients.

Dwarves Foundation gladly announces to partner with Salt Cancer Initiative to support the impact for cancer patient through a platform to stay abreast of cancer knowledge.

About SCI

Salt Cancer Initiative (SCI) was founded by Thuy Thanh Truong, a former cancer patient who has received 3 times honored for her influence and inspiration for the youth community. As a person who has gone through the hard times facing cancer, Thuy understands how struggling and fearful it was not to approach a reliable source of cancer information. Salt Cancer Initiative aims to provide a playground with full support of information, education, and training for cancer patients.

In the era of the internet and social media, the spread of data more likely to happen online. Leveraging this point, SCI partners with Dwarves Foundation - an innovative tech service firm in Asia to build up a mobile app where cancer patients can stay up-to-date on cancer knowledge and other related activities.

About Dwarves Foundation

Having been more than 5 years in the tech industry, Dwarves Foundation roads to distribute our tech know-how through various activities. And it gratifies us to finally contribute our expertise back to the community.

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