Resolve the To-do List

Whether it's a manager or a fresher, we're all struggling with to-do list every once in a while.

In Agile method, depends on the length of each sprint, which usually lasts for 1 or 2 weeks, tasks are assigned right after the sprint planning meeting. After that, we break it into small todos and clean it up within the week.

So basically, here's how it's gonna go down.

  1. Attend the sprint planning meeting
  2. Note down the assignment
  3. Break it into small todos
  4. Pick out the ones to start in that week
  5. Estimate a deadline for each, and make sure all of them are cleaned up before Sunday
  6. Roll up your sleeve
  7. Get things done

During the week, your back will sometimes go against the wall. Don't wait until the weekend check-in to raise up those issues. Call it in. Ping your peer. Check up with your line-manager, or note it in Daily Check-Ins.

One way or another, reach for help. Don't let it blocks your way unless you are willing to spend another week running the same exercise.

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