How 'People Matter' Should Work

Nothing keeps people around unless they want it themselves. People matter when they believe in what they create.

We get to read many articles these days that states 'People are the Core of the Business', or 'Why People are the Key to Success', or something like that. Something that polishes the importance of human to the company, and emphasizes how hard HR should do to nurture the talents.

But here's the funny thing. Most of those talks drive the audience back to tips. How to make people happy. How to keep them engaged. How to motivate. That's the point. Too many 'how-tos'.

And that usually the part when I say "Ok, we're done here."

Cut the crap. Happiness is fake. People matter when they believe in what they create. That's how we keep them around, by letting them know their real value.


It doesn't take an engineering background to work in software industry. Been there, done that.

Let's take a look at our hiring. Not all developers come from a technology-based background; not all designers graduated from the art university. And me? Two years ago, my head went against the wall to finish a degree in International Business.

The culture we are pursuing is the combination between the unconventional spirit and the will to do the right things in every decision. We handpick the individual whose mindset is heading toward the engineering-driven vision that we're reaching. It doesn't matter to us if you apply without a university certificate, or impress us with +10 years of seniority. You're in once your skills are perfect for the job.

The Spirit of Knowledge Sharing

Hardly I heard a Dwarf refuse to explain or transfer what they know to others. Speaking from experience, I always get the help I need once I start to bring up the question. And even if they fail to answer at that time, eventually something will come up. They just can't stand the feeling of leaving a query unanswered. Odd, I know. But implementing a culture of sharing knowledge isn't a mandatory call. It was formed based on the urge to discover and exchange the grasp within the team. It's a process of becoming better and be open to help.

The Individual Contribution

Scanning through the random answers of Automatic Check-Ins is quite fun sometimes. Or even in the announced message for a product or a checked-off milestone. It's easier to know people's attempt through the way they talk about their work, and the pride they embed in the message. Don't finish a product story without a special thank to the product creator.


It's not the Rule. It's the People who follow.

Despite how many office traps there are, nothing keeps people around unless they want it themselves. Once there is a bunch of reasons to tie people around, they'll leave when there is a better reason from a better place. So in short, create a space where people feel active to work in and raise their idea, where they know their work means something, where judgments are fair and run by the right ideas. Focus on what people want to do, and things will run their courses.

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