Dwarves Radio Talk #7: Build a professional online profile

The next step for profile convention: How to make it better?

We did mention about profile convention in Dwarves Radio Talk #5, starting with a consistent and clean ID. To have another experienced point of view, we had a special guess: Loc Nguyen - our former VP of Engineering, who has over 10 years working in the tech industry.

Nam: When did you start paying attention to build online profile, LinkedIn for example?

Loc: Back to the old day, when I applied for jobs, I usually updated a .doc or .pdf Curriculum Vitae to a range of HR platforms like Vietnamworks, ITViec, First Alliance, etc. These made me so tired to manage and well, felt unprofessional. Moreover, they are private CVs, so no one can verify the information. Then I thought of building a LinkedIn profile as my public CV. It made the reliability rate higher than private CVs due to community verification and recommendation. You see, if some kind of people, such as your colleagues or leaders endorse and recommend you, it creates credibility for your personal branding.

After that, I started building up my online profile. Whenever I had an achievement, I wrote it down. You may ask what kinds of achievement should we focus on?

  • It can be an outstanding issue you have faced and resolved. In the scope of work and year working, not many people have an opportunity to face and handle it.
  • When listing your achievements, gradually remove less important items. The last 3 or 4 items will be your highlights.

Huy: I saw that software engineers tend to update their profile in Github or Twitter - the more technical-related platform. They seem to disregard LinkedIn. What do you think about that and should we take more care of this platform?

Loc: Firstly, the online profile can be anywhere, it's up to you. It's a soft skill for Developers - to PR themself. But in my opinion, LinkedIn has a wide range of users: Developer, HR, C level, Designer, etc. So you may have more opportunities, depending on your target audiences.

Huy: Yup, I got it. So after realizing the importance of an online profile, did you have any change in your career path or income?

Loc: Definitely! I have lots of job invitations. I have a proactive position and much more opportunity to choose the job, choose what I desire to work. The benefit increases by half as well.

Nam: From your point of view, what defines a good profile?

Loc: Let put yourself into the Readers! What kind of people you want to see your profile and imagine what we will focus on. Otherwise, it depends on your level. If you're a junior, try to list and describe your skills, what you have done, and solved. On the contrary, seniors have to demonstrate their mindset, critical thinking and logic, rather than skills or tools you have used.

To sum up

  • A good profile is not everything. It's just the passport to help you land an interview with the company you desire to work for. But if you don't care about it, you’ll probably lose the game.
  • Make your online profile clean and unique. Highlighting your rare achievement. Ask colleagues/leader to endorse or recommend to make it more reliable.
  • Play the role of the Reader to decide what information to add or remove.
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