Dwarves Radio Talk #14: A quick thought on RSS

Some thoughts on RSS feed and how we collect news day by day

This radio talk session went on RSS feed and how we collect news day by day. Thank you, Minh Truong, Huy Nguyen, and Phuc Le for the insights added.


  • RSS, in a nutshell, helps us keep up-to-date and news effortlessly.
  • RSS cheat may damage SEO metrics on the original platforms.
  • We have developed the Readify app (for Sajari only) to gather info and updates.

As a perennial user, I have used RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to track updates and news on the websites, like a "news feed". Instead of bookmarking sites on the browser or following some web pages, RSS now helps me get the information quickly after publication. With this technology, I can read up to dozens of websites a day just by scrolling down the titles and choosing my favorite information.

To use RSS, firstly hooking yourself up with an RSS Feed Reader. Google Reader, for example. Then, you can start reading, saving, taking notes, and see what's going on in our world. However, Google Reader was shut down in 2013. That makes RSS somehow downtrend, apparently.

The best alternative for Google Reader, from my point of view, is Feedly. It's fairly easy to use and will help you work out the basics of RSS. The free subscription offers up to 100 sources and allows us to organize them into 3 feeds. Nonetheless, RSS has made conflict of interests so that fewer people nowadays mention it. In fact, marketing is affected by RSS since the Reader rarely visits the original websites. So if RSS is still popular, some original website traffic tends to decrease significantly. Namely, an RSS link taking a half article or even a whole will damage SEO metrics. That's why some websites banned RSS links. Moreover, those who use the XML concept on their websites to provide easily crawlable content leave a door open for spammers worldwide to steal their content. To prevent the above conflict, RSS is moving to podcast gathering so we can add RSS to Apple Podcast or Google Podcast, for instance.

Other effective ways to collect news and website updates:

  • Twitter
  • Readify
  • Reddit

Readify screenshot

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