Dwarves of The Year 2020

Our latest appreciation for the Dwarves.

As an annual team thing, we once again celebrated Dwarves of The Year 2020 and a team dinner afterward. Through thick & thin, we’re glad to keep this tradition to tribute everyone's hard work and encourage them for the big game ahead.

2020 passed by in a blink of an eye. It has been a hard time for everyone out there. But it’s an appreciation for every effort that comes to keep this team moving forward.

Earlier this week, we conducted an open poll for the team to vote based on four criteria: Hard-working, Contribution, Impactful, and Self-development.

The final result led to Huy Nguyen with the highest vote on three criteria out of 4, followed by Thanh Pham with 2 out of 2. The voting result also disclosed the nominees on other criteria, such as the self-development from Lap Nguyen, Bien Vo, and Tuan Dao. Hieu Phan & Huy Giang marked their names for the influence as well.


A sweepstake was also created as we have prepared some mini prizes. Congratulate on the lucky ones as well.

Despite the nominated title, we deliver a great thanks to you all for the outstanding contribution. We wouldn’t have gone this far without you guys.

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