Dwarves Foundation Apprenticeship

A six-month earn-and-learn training program to reach the next stage of craftsmanship

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Back in those first days, we wish there was something else after "internship." Instead of throwing ourselves into the big ocean and get lost after a few years, we figure it's best to have a place where career paths and working skills are set out clearer.

Over the years, we have met many team members who fit the picture, yet they failed to surpass the interview process due to technical skills and foundation knowledge. It's a loss. We strongly believe that unlike attitude, knowledge and skills are trainable. And it's a loss if we keep missing out on the potential ones. What if there is a place to fill up those gaps. A place where people can earn as they learn.

Dwarves Foundation Apprenticeship allows us to make that come true. We offer a six-month earn-and-learn training program; it's a way to learn about being a professional software developer.

Checkout the syllabus at: dwarvesf/Apprenticeship.

Apply at: form.typeform.com/to/k5n6IkI4

The Program

During your six months program, you will sit down with our Dwarves and do group studies on the following topics:

  • Part 1: Catch up with the state of the art: Learn the state of the art of software engineering in action, from the foundation of engineering to the cutting-edge tech stack and best practices.
  • Part 2: Be a team player: Teamwork understanding and learn how to collaborate smoothly with different kinds of stakeholders.
  • Part 3: Factors of quality software: Learn and measure all the factors that construct the quality aspect of your delivery.
  • Part 4: Software industry movements: The software industry keeps moving and continuously reach the new stage of craftsmanship. We will look back at a recent decade, learn the past, the broader tech industry that you haven't known yet, and also participate in the next movements.
  • Part 5: Exploring your strength: Getting to know your strength will keep you stay with the industry many years ahead. It's the requirement to work with the dwarves, an innovation advocates group, and a high potential workforce.

The Timeline

This is a full-time position that includes benefits. The program happens in 6 months, where Apprentices will work alongside mentors and other Dwarves on real projects.

Your first month: Warming-up

The period where theory meets practice. Apprentices will catchup with our tech stacks & workflow through group training and pairing, followed by the first review session.

Next three months: Performing

Take part in our product team as official members. The second review session will be conducted after this stage.

The following months: Exploring

Besides the day-to-day work, Apprentices are also encouraged to outgrow themselves through a variety of tech-related activities. From participating in Dwarves Tech Radar101 Training Radio Talk and other seminars for self-development.


This is a full position at Dwarves Foundation that comes with a full salary and benefit packages.

Who is it for

Apprenticeship is designed for the individuals who:

  • are looking for the zen way to ship quality software.
  • or haven't figured out the clear career path in tech industry.
  • or doesn’t have a non-tech background to apply for a full-time job.

Our Tech-index

We pick up the technology that brings positive impact and helps build software efficiently.

And we continuously expand the boundaries, we keep seeking tool/language/framework that helps us simplify the day-to-day work, or just because we want to stay with the movement.

How to apply

Please submit this form, and we will get in touch. If you have any questions about the program, drop us a message at spawn@dwarvesv.com

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