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As long as their goal and mine are the same, we're good to go.

#DFUncensored reveals the hidden corner of our Dwarves, with their permission, ofc. Some talks with the extrovert may transpire for more than an hour, while others, such as Thanh, take no more than 25 minutes.

Thanh joined us 2 years ago as a Front-end Dwarves. It was his first company after he left the university. Took a major in Design at first, but still, there is something about the code that attracted Thanh to take a few turns as he ended up possessing the expertise in both Design and Engineering.

He landed a spot in our Hall of Fame 2 years in a row. Enthusiasm, meticulous and diligent is what we've been told from the interns about him.

When we're incubating the thought of #DFUncensored, we were so thrilled of the idea about a talk room, with lighting, camera, mic, music and all those props. But with the remnant of this pandemic, we believe an online talk is the best solution.

It was a Friday when our talk took place. After lunch, perhaps.

Can you throw us a brief of yourself?
My name is Thanh, and I'm a Front-end Engineer at Dwarves Foundation. A 2-year journey so far. Dwarves Foundation was the very first company I joined since graduation. I've looked up about DF on both their website and GitHub, while Dwarves was still a small office with very few people. I was impressed, to be honest, seeing the photos of them and the clients. Back at that time, my goal was to be a part of a small team, to learn more, and to know my idea matters.

What makes you take a turn from Design to Software Engineering, particularly is Front-end Engineer
There was some change at my university orientation back then. Also, when I work on a product, although I know there is something wrong with it, I don't know how to fix it in a UI-oriented way. So I think Front-end would best fit my will. It's related to UI anyway, isn't it?

Which source do you usually collect your test knowledge from?
Mostly from tech blogs & git. I sometimes read books.

How you do know if a website or a tech blog is qualified?
I think that depends on the field you are interested in. Each topic has its own suitable and engaging posts come along the way, which is why some blogs are beneficial to me but not to others.

What decide your time at a company?
I think it's the team, for starting. As long as their goal and mine are the same, we're good to go. As long as there are still things to learn, we're down to keep striving.

Most of guys choose their landing place based on income and benefit. What is is about teams and projects that raised your eyebrows?
Income and benefits are sorts of bonuses. I expect more on what the team is up to and how their pursuits can fit mine. Being employed for a team is more than just making a living. It's how they make us want to grow more.

Technical and Management, which one suit you more?
Shortly, I'd probably want to dive more in technical. Learning the cool stuff, practicing the new skills. However, if I get the chance to work with the active fresher, like Lap - for example, I won't hesitate to train them with excitement.

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