Deckset Guideline

Deckset tutorial for our presentation slide setup. Also, working with markdown is quite fun.

There are many materials for branding and knowledge sharing coming in our way. Particularly, presentation slides. Currently we are keeping them on team Drive, under the format of Deckset.

How Deckset works

Once a markdown file is created from VSCode, you'll be able to open 2 windows of Deckset and VSCode side-by-side with view as editing.

Make sure you take a good look at Markdown Cheatsheet for better content composing. Deckset also allows user to focus more on editing by Show Preview option

In a nutshell, Deckset works

  • As a presentation tool
  • Render from markdown file
  • Edit with VSCode
  • Markdown file & Image folder must stay in the same place
  • Edit → Convert to PDF → Upload on Team Drive

Guide to Download

Deckset supports Mac only. I guess it's not a big deal speaking from a woodland full of Apple's stuff 🤔

  • Deckset: the file can be found on Team Drive>Tooling for download and installation
  • VSCode: for markdown file composing

Once you've download VSCode, open a new file on Deckset and choose VSCode as the editor. Open Deckset > Preferences > Visual Code > Choose

DF Deckset Theme

This theme contains our primary color and modified fonts. You only need to apply it once, the theme will be kept for your next file.

There are 2 ways to add DF theme into Deckset

  • Open your .md file and click on File → Import Theme → select DF Theme
  • Drag & drop DF Theme into Deckset


  • Ctrl+S after every change in .md file
  • Open preview and compare as you edit
  • Size of pictures can be adjusted based on percentage ratio
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