Daily Check-Ins

Why dragging people into the room just to have their time wasted on redundant reports, while all you need to know is progress update and the next moves to count on?

Daily meeting is the double-edged sword of every workplace. Some days, it gets things done in a trice. Other days, it stacks you with endless planning, and God knows how many hours does it gonna take.

We avoid that with Daily Check-Ins, the secret weapon that encourages us to voluntarily update our current progress. Daily Check-Ins reveals the detail & progress status, or in some cases, a subtle cry for help.

Both Team & Projects on Basecamp are equipped with this automatic question. That may comes under different sentences, but in the end, it all meant to answer one thing: What did you work on today?

Daily Check-Ins logs your working progress and list up todos for the next day. Also, it keeps the team up-to-date about your status, rather than to ping you every day for "Hey how's everything going?". Other Dwarves and even me myself usually keep it at 3 times a week, unless there are something special to announce.

Depends on which group that question is belong in, your audience is different. But if the question comes from "Woodland", then basically, all the team will see it. So don't get them bored with a list of tasks. You may use bullet list, but more of that, add in your own tone. What's next after today? Do you need help on something? How's your favorite branch is doing?

Have something to be expected.

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