Christmas 2020 @ the Woodland

How’s Christmas at your place?

Christmas isn't a new thing to everyone. But to all the Dwarves, we rarely celebrate it. Previously, it mostly took place in the middle of the week, or maybe as an engineering team full of guys, we didn't take it seriously.

We did place an order for Christmas ornaments last year. It's just ironically got delivered the day after Christmas.

Fast forward to December 2020. We dropped a message a few days before Christmas, extracted from a short discussion with the team.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without presents. So we decided to throw a random gift exchange by the end of the week. Anyone who wishes to attend must bring a small gift. We wrapped them up and numbered each one.

That followed by some dinner treats, and of course, a (lot of) sip of beer. We called it a night with Werewolf board game to onboard the new guys, which sounds good to keep as a tradition.

Happy belated Christmas ✨

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