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Dental Marketplace

Where it all comes together

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What does the Dental Marketplace app do?

Dental Marketplace was born to help dental professionals find “Continuing Dental Education” (CDE) events and career opportunities.


Besides, dentists also can use 2 more features which are called “Marketplace – The Business of Dentistry” and “What’s up”, allow dentists to get more information related to Dentistry in Singapore.

Our goal

Our main goal for the Dental marketplace, is to make an app that would be able to simplify the current way when a dentist want to find CDE Events, a job or some information related to current Dentistry in Singapore.


We wanted the product to be equally useful for users, so we have tried to make the best UI/UX with the most exactly information.


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Register CDE events easily

Users are able to register to Professional Body (PB) who organizes a CDE events with only 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose a CDE events that you want to join in

Step 2: Click button Register

Step 3: Your registeration is successfull


All your needed information will be sent to PB via email. So you only need to wait for the day held.

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Posting Suppliers or Labs

With Suppliers or Labs, they can contact to Admin to set their listing to be featured and it will be shown at the top of the screen.

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Find CDE Events

Users can find CDE Events, practices job that are suitable by using filter, search.

Filter function has been designed carefully and convenient that make user will be able to find exactly what they want.

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Users will always be received the silent-notification after a short-time when they are using or when they come back to the app, even they has exited the app for a long time.

It will let them know there are some things new has been posted to Dental Marketplace.





To give a user-friendly interface and easy to use. Each pixel, the position of the interface components are reviewed and checked very carefully. Also through it, iOS developers have learnt many things and have more experience in the interface layout. Therefore helped the finished product much more when it comes to user hand.


Integrating QOR

Integrated QOR (CMS platform to manage Developed by Go information, content display on the app) on the backend is one of the most difficult stages in the app development process. Integrating QOR makes code management will be more easier, reduce time as much as possible, the integration also aims to implement notification feature - one of the most important features of Dental Marketplace.



Dental Marketplace always want user be able to get the latest information about Singapore Dentistry as quickly as possible. That requires QOR Admin to be able to send notification to devices after Administrator has created/updated any information. The integrated notification takes a lot of time to implement because it requires overwriting all of methods Save/Update of QOR. The integration has helped the backend developer to understand far more about QOR platform and mechanism to send notification to the mobile app, backend developer now can customize any functions of QOR to apply for one of certain cases to the appropriate more for each project in development process.

Technology Stack

iOS Platform

Language: Objective-C

We chose Swift, the modern alternative to Objective-C that strives to offer a simpler syntax. Swift also helps to keep our code clean and avoid mistakes.

Design: Zeplin

We use Zeplin. It’s a collaboration tool for designers and developers.

Networking: Alamofire

Alamofire is the most popular HTTP networking library written in Swift.


to deploy backend

for managing data in minutes

to test, build and deploy

is a concurrency language which help backend can handle multi-requests at a same time

PostgreSQL is a powerful

to store and retrieve files

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Our team

PM & Backend – Quang Le

Design – Khai Le

QA – Khanh Le 

iOS team – Hieu Phan, Khang Pham

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