Canada Summer Internship 2020

Build your bright future career with a Dwarf experience
We 're calling for senior student and new graduates
Deadline: 2nd July 2020
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Why Dwarves

We strive to create a generation of new tech enthusiasts who possess the same DNA with us, to generate a solid groundwork and go along with the company’s triumph
  • 4-months industrial experience
  • Work together with experienced developers
  • Build and ship real products that impact millions of users
  • Full-time job opportunities at Dwarves Foundation
  • Get a job referral to our strong employer network
  • Experience the future of work: remote work, continuous learning and commitment


Company information

Who dwarves are

We are Dwarves Foundation

An offshore software woodland that strives to become a part of global startup field, by offering a technical partnership that takes over from ideas and operation to maintenance and world-class quality solutions.

We opt for microservice and serverless. We take Golang, ReactJS, Elixir, Swift and AWS as our main voice. As a co-founder of Vietnam Golang Community, our technical talents take the pledge of bringing your next development step to a whole new level.


Our Syllabus

Our internship is just the beginning of your journey. Once you graduate, You're able to build and ship real products and have opportunities to become full-time developers in Dwarves Foundation

Your 1st web project

Course overview
Intro to Code Editor (VSCode)
Web development basics
  • Learn to write basic HTML & CSS to produce a simple webpage
  • Get used to Development workflow - Code > Run > Test
Intro to the Terminal
  • Navigating your machine
  • Basic commands to run/build/test the source code
Engineering mindset
  • Think like an engineer - Problem analyzing
  • Basic commands to run/build/test the source code

Website with styles

Aesthetic web
  • Learn to make your web looks nice
  • Intermediate CSS & Web Font
  • CSS frameworks
Interactive web
  • How to handle user interactions
  • Javascript Basic
Source code versioning & collaboration with Git
  • Git 101 - learn and use Git the right way
  • Your first repository on Github
Web hosting and publishing
  • Connect web project on Github to Netlify

Building Web application

Web Form
  • Learn to build a useful web with a form to accept user's inputs
"Dynamic" web application
  • Why & What & How
  • Data manipulation cycle
  • Building a NodeJS server to return data
  • Database 101
  • DBMS (PostgresQL/MySQL/MongoDB)
Building a real-world web app
  • Practice on building a Book store management web app
  • This week of practice will guide you through the most basic real-world use case for a web application. It will also require your knowledge from previous sessions
Team work in Software Engineering
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Agile/Scrumb

Final assignment

Web application project
  • Group project of topics of your choice, you'll be discussing all the ideas with your mentor in an Ideation Session - there you can hear more about the level of complexity you should be aiming for, and share your ideas with your team


Interview practices


Weekly schedule

Monday (offline)
  • Assignment check/feedback. Mentors will go through your assignment (which you have a week long to work on), give feedback, point out error or suggest improvement strategies. This process is asynchronous via a chat/message channel
  • There will be a board for you to upload your assignment, summarize what you've achieved and a brief intro to what it took to accomplish the assignment
Tuesday (online - a 2 hours-long conference call session)
Warm-up (8am- 9am)
  • This is your time to settle in - going through knowledge and assignment results of last week. And get ready for the day before the training day started
Sync-up with mentors (15- 20 mins)
  • Last week recap
    • Knowledge/topics
  • Assignment feedback Prior to the assignment check on Monday, mentors will bring up notable achievements and common issues where mentee fall into
Lecture (45 mins each)
  • Slides, real-world use cases, examples
    • Interaction during call (.eg randomly asking individual to answer)
  • Summarize & assignment
End of day sum-up
  • Expectation for this week
  • Sneak-peak of next week

our works

And for your practical training

  • Readify

    Meaningful read. Pinterest of your wisdom. Save a link around the web and share it with your team.

    Side project for lazy listening, mood focus with ambience sound
  • Fortress

    Fortress is a web app for company operation management based on DotA game features
  • Base HQ

    Base exists to help Executive Assistants succeed in their role – to support their executives through courageous help and ambitious growth like never before

The message

Message from
Dwarves Foundation

Dear my friends,I believe that Coronavirus will change the world permanently, of course including tech industry as well. The way of coronavirus-related layoffs has just started and we can name a few of famous unicorns such as AirBnB, Uber, Lyft, Yelp….There is no safe place now! Moreover, more jobs will be outsourced to foreign countries when remote work becomes the future. Consequently, job market will definitely be much more competitive than ever. I know now it’s not the right time for new graduates and senior-year students, who are actively looking for a first full-time job but have to compete with a ton of available experienced developers. I also know that your biggest disadvantage is due to lack of industrial experience and there is no shortcut to fulfill the gap quickly. We cannot change this fact, but we can definitely make things better. And the only way is to focus 200% on addressing your weaknesses and learning necessary technical skills during this summer. If you are feeling the same way, this internship program is for you! We are motivated to organize this internship program as a way to support younger generations during the crisis.Make your summer well spent or being left behind, the decision is on you!
Message from Dwarves FoundationMessage from Dwarves Foundation

Look back

Our Alumni

Take a look at our latest program, fun and enthusiasm team
See what they’ve talked about us
“Interning at Dwarves Foundation was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It complemented my skills and shaped my mindset since interns were considered as valuable members of the team. Such a privilege to learn from and work with these talented mentors.”
Phuc Le
University IT
iOS Developer
“After finished the 3-month period, I decided to go for a full time position. I got to know how to start a production project, how to select a suitable technology to get things done. With all of those experiences coming up, Dwarves Foundation did give me a chance to step out of my comfort zone.”
Khiem Vo
International University
Backend Developer

How to apply?

This 30-minute pre-assessment test below will helps us to select the suitable scouts for our training camp. Please be well noted that only shortlisted candidates will be contact for further details.
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