November 07, 2019

Be careful with your code splitting setup

I thought I have been through hell this evening. Took me 6 hours debugging in the deep dark of hell. Oh right.

The app I have been worked on was a mobile-first PWA built with React, so naturally there is an infinite/virtual list somewhere in the app.

When I created Explore component, which basically a version of ItemList— an infinite list using react-virtualized — with list items inside, sounds good and all.

Except, clicking a list item doesn’t immediately navigate to ItemDetail page. There is a weird frame in between the list view and list detail view.

That frame — when I scroll down and click the 3rd or 4th item, instantly the virtual list reset it’s scrollTop to 0, moving the scrolled view port back to the beginning, then navigate to the ItemDetail page.

My good old ItemList never had this problem. Inevitably, I copied 100% code from my old list to this new list view, but the problem persist.

Skipping my hell crawling and debugging process, the culprit was, surprisingly, due to my code splitting setup.

Let me explain.

Unlike most people out there who use react-router, I use found for routing, but it doesn’t matter, the problem lies in how I setup code-splitting for the app.

I have this in my route config:

I used Webpack’s magic comment to group related chunks, in this case, ItemList and ItemDetail are grouped under item chunk.

When I give


the same chunk name with


, that weird frame goes away.

So the working version be like:

It took me so long to notice this because chunks grouping are one of those easy-to-forget type of things, you did it once and rarely look back.

My guess it that it took time to load item chunk when navigate from Explore component, but theres no reason for the virtual list to reset its own scrollTop before navigating.

Now that this is partly solved, I need to look deeper to the implementation of the virtual list to see if anything can lead to above problem. It could also due to my naive, immature understanding of how code-splitting works.

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