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Help you to find your next sweet home

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We are the team that created with the logan: “Help you to find your next sweet home”. To do it, we have applied the latest and most modern mobile technology, beside the great knowledge about user needs to provide an easy but effective mobile solution for all the people who will join the real estate. It’s called Amio App


We are creating the new revolution in the real estate. We want to help real estate market more fair and clearly, not only for both buyer and seller, but also for renter and agency.

Our Goal

We are creating the new revolution in the real estate. We want to help real estate market more fair and clearly, not only for both buyer and seller, but also for renter and agency


Amio App – the real estate mobile app that helps you buy, rent, sell home in Vietnam more easily and more effectively, saving time and money.

One Solution, Two Roles

For buyer / render

View all properties which are available for renting, selling, real estate projects.

Search and filter real estate projects and properties that match filter conditions


Amio App lets renters / buyers view and search the properties or real estate projects that match their requirements: the range price which they can buy, the area of the real estate, how many bedrooms, bathrooms…It’s familiar and very easy to use. It also allows renters / buyers to contact the sellers / agencies directly if they find their matched properties

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For seller / agencies

Create new property


Amio App allows the sellers or agencies can create the new property (apartment or house). Each property must have specified address and should belong to one real estate project. After fill in the information for the property, the seller / agency can submit it for renter, buyer


After having the good UI, our developers will plan the workflow sitemap ahead. Through developing an workflow sitemap we were able to isolate the user flows that are the core of the Amio app.

Buyer/Renter app user flow


  1. 1.  Create new account
  2. 2. Search for new projects, listings
  3. 3. View project, listing detail and make buying decision
  4. 4. Review the seller
  5. 5. Edit user info


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Seller/agency app user flow

Amio support the seller/agency with a single app flow to create new listing. In addition, Amio also have many built-in tools to support the seller to be more profitable

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UX and UI design

Creating detailed wireframes usually involves to following steps:

  1. 1.  Selecting color schemes
  2. 2. Choosing readable and visually appealing fonts
  3. 3. Creating a set of UI elements and putting them in order according to wireframes.

One affordable approach for start-up is to use the same tool for all these steps. Here at Dwarves Foundation we use the Sketch app for both wireframing and UI design. Present to you the final result result of wireframming:

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Login and registration

Amio users don’t neccessary to register for using the app. However, create a new user account will enhance your experience and that only take three easy steps:

  1. User enter email and new password
  2. A verification code will be sent to the provided phone number. Input it into the verify phone number screen
  3. After entered correct code, user can login with provided phone number and received code
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Search Project and Listing (For buyer, renter)

Find your next dream home can be a painful experience, there are so many dump infomation that can overwhelm you. With Amio, you will never have to go through such pain AGAIN. You can either search your new home via map, or just type in the word of your favor.


The information is just enough for you to make decision, not too much, not to little. If you interesting in the project/listing, you can see much more information in just one clik away

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Create Listing (For broker/seller)

Having a house, or a project owner. Selling your estate is now just a few click away. Not so complicated for new user, but so powerful for pro user. Just follow these steps and your property will be ready for customer:

  1. Choose what you want to trade (house or apartment), and how you want to trade it (sell or rent)
  2. Choose what land or project you property belongs to
  3. Fill in the detail screen to help customer making better decision
  4. Add some picture so that customer have better view about your property
  5. Submit the listing
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Create Listing (For broker/seller)

Unlike other app, Amio users trade on real property and need transparency and trust among users. In order to achieve such goal, we have implemented a review system to help user to trade more confidently.

After trading with user A, the system will create a bilateral review between you and A, you can go to Inbox screen,then click Review, you will see A in the list. The review you give to A will be cummulated with other users’ review to A.

If one user give A a bad review, the average points of A will decrease significantly. So every user can trade without worrying about scam in our system.

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The information age has provided us with many data to consume and we can be easily overwhelm by that. However, keeping track of lastest information about real estate market have never been easier using Amio. All news in just one place, ready for you to explore. Amio will provide you with lastest news from the market, project and promotion. We have developed an algorithm to crawl news from many source, then filter out all the best data, moreover, our editor then will hand pick the best news to provide the user with fresh information daily


Beyond the core features. Amio also provide six different tools designed especially to make your experience as smooth as posible. Want to see how much money you can make with your house, see land price for a specific location, or take a look if your house conflict with feng shui. You have the power to know it!!. Amio include six built-in tools ready to use:

  1. Evaluation property price base on many coefficients
  2. Search for land price in specific location
  3. See how much you can earn from the property
  4. Calculate the money you have to pay monthly for a mortage
  5. Find out the best direction, location base on your gender and age (fengshui)
  6. Checkout the lastest law document
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Inconsitency of Data

Since the very first day of development, we don’t have real world data that fit into our model. So we have to crawl raw data from the internet. In the long run, that is really a big problem that make both frontend and backend suffer. The backend have to save more data but not in sufficient format; in the UI, sometime data is missing or unexpected form that make us to write more code. We decided to preprocess the data in the crawling stage, so post data is rich and ready to be used.

Searching the projects

Using Amio, user can search project base on many different filter: their type (house or apartment), the condition (buy or rent), user budget, location,… The user can also save the filter in their favor. The amount of filters the app have to keep track off also make it more challenging to implement. To manage all these complexity, we create the Manager to handle access to the filter, as well as update the existing one.

Mapping location to real city

The app search the projects base on their district, so we have to map the current user location in latitude and longitude provide by the device location service to district and city where user live in. However, not every cities, districts are avaiable on the database, or the user can disable the GPS. To make sure that the user experience as smooth as posible, we set the default district and city in case everything fail.

Limit API call

Amio app is map based projects finding, so every little change in the map: zoom, camera position, rotation, … can result in the call to server. We have limited the API call with Reactive Programming, so that the data don’t change when user accidentaly move the map, and also reduce the pressure the server have to handle.

Create new listing

In order to create new post, the seller have to go through many steps, each step has many state to change. Moreover, the user can swipe back and forth between those step. In order to implement this feature, we create a single Creator object to hold all the property of the infant listing. That Creator will bind its life to the life the create listing, and when the user submit the post, the Creator will bring the listing to the Uploader to upload to server. The Uploader have a Queue so that everything is uploaded in order, we also save unuploaded listing and restart everytime everytime the app start.

Custom map

Amio app is the map based app and have many unique map feature that haven’t been implemented in the Google Map. We have create the custom map with have the following feature: Limit the zoom level; draw project shape with polyline, circle marker and name on map; observe change in map when the map move, rotate, change zoom. We also use Reactive Programming to make the map more responsive to user.

Set up progress

The app make use of internet connection and location to query projects and make other network call. So it has to make sure that the internet and server is avaiable, as well as the location. The problem is that we have to make sure that all conditions are matched before user starting to use the app. We’ve taken the advantage of Reactive Programming to make reduce the complexity of this feature.

App Developement


Android Technology Stack


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iOS Technology Stack


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